Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blog-to-Book Project Invitation

Hello faithful readers of Maternal Indigo! I have just begun a new blog project designed for creating a full length book on the themes found here. It's working title is Wisdom's Dwelling. I've been an official member of the Catholic Church for two years now, and I've continued to research the topic of Marian devotion and the Sacred Feminine in Christianity. Please join me at to continue the journey.  I welcome reader feedback as I put my rough draft into a finished book form. My aim to flesh out a truly Catholic Sophiology that is directly tied to Marian tradition, in light of contemporary thought.

I had to get to the point where I am living a sapiential Marian Catholicism before I could determine the direction of the book, which I am planning to be a series of 53 reflections in honor of the 53 Hail Marys of the Holy Rosary. Don't forget to sign up to follow by email at Wisdom's Dwelling so you can read along as I go. See you there!